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I began drawing and painting at a very young age and knew early on that I would choose art for my life. I achieved success early on in high school and college in the arts, but after college, I felt compelled to a career in ministry and have spent many fulfilling years helping others find their purpose in life. Through the years, I continued to paint mostly for enjoyment and as an outlet, but in 2007, I realized that an important part of my own life-purpose was creating and painting. The internet, which of course was not available 25 years ago, is such a useful tool for artist, opening doors and providing exposure that would otherwise not be possible. With this new opportunity, I have been pursuing painting and marketing my art whole heartily, usually painting on a daily basis. I live in Tucson, love to jeep, love to paint and study art, and my paintings are often inspired from some remote mountain location in the high desert.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Paint the Aspens Juried Show Next Week

I will be participating in Paint the Aspens Juried show next week.
 I look forward to the cool mornings in the White Mountains. 
Should be Fun!  You can check out the show on line.  -Jeff

Sunday, September 26, 2010

$.99 Auction Starts for Ebay

I have noticed a definate slow down for artist on eBay - Looks like a great time to take advantage of some reduced prices and low auctions.  Although I have had a slow down too, I have taken advantage of the extra time to set up my store to offer more variety to buyers.  I have also added some $.99 no reserve auctions + free shipping - hopefully bringing some new lookers and bidders!  I will be listing these weekly so if you have tried and been outbidded, please come back and try again. Pictured above are two of my $.99 start auctions for this week.  ALSO... Kadi, my daughter who is studying art and has been on a mission trip for some months, is back for a 4 month rest before heading out for the last leg of her mission.  I have to say that she is better than ever!  I will continue to list some of her paintings in my store.  Just look under the store catagory "Art by Kadi" for her new pieces.  All proceeds from her art will go to funding her mission trip.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Phil Starke Painting for African Missions

So why is a painting by Phil Starke in my ebay store?
A few years ago when I was starting to paint again, I did a little searching in my community to see what other artist lived nearby.  Tucson is a huge art community and I knew there would be quite a few.  I found out that Phil Starke lived only a few miles from me.  I purchased a DVD from him to see what his art was all about, shortly after, signed up for a workshop, and realized that in Phil, I had not only found a mentor, but a friend, like-minded in many ways.  If you have read my biography, you know that I teach at my church every weekend.  Earlier this year I taught a series called Life Palette, comparing the different elements of painting to real life situations. Wanting to make it more interactive, I asked Phil if he would paint live on stage while I taught and banter back and forth a bit with me.  I thought he would maybe agree to doing it for 1 weekend - Phil painted during 3 services each weekend for a total of 5 weekends.  I still have people come and tell me how impacting that was!  That's not all - Phil donated a piece that he had painted live on stage to the Missions Team at the church who will be taking a trip to South Africa to work with refugees from Zimbabwe.  The painting was raffled off and thousands of dollars came in for this effort.  Once again, Phil is wanting to help raise the remainder of the Mission Team funds. Phil has donated all proceeds from the painting "The Christmas Wreath" to the Alive Missions Team for their trip to South Africa. Thank-you Phil!  I appreciate so much your generosity and your friendship (and your very helpful and honest critiques).
 You can see the complete listing in my ebay store: