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I began drawing and painting at a very young age and knew early on that I would choose art for my life. I achieved success early on in high school and college in the arts, but after college, I felt compelled to a career in ministry and have spent many fulfilling years helping others find their purpose in life. Through the years, I continued to paint mostly for enjoyment and as an outlet, but in 2007, I realized that an important part of my own life-purpose was creating and painting. The internet, which of course was not available 25 years ago, is such a useful tool for artist, opening doors and providing exposure that would otherwise not be possible. With this new opportunity, I have been pursuing painting and marketing my art whole heartily, usually painting on a daily basis. I live in Tucson, love to jeep, love to paint and study art, and my paintings are often inspired from some remote mountain location in the high desert.

Friday, August 7, 2009

I am honored today to have received an invitation to paint for “Fresh Paint”, at the University of Arizona Museum of Art in November.I love getting emails like this and I am happy to help out the UofA Museum of Art:
Dear Jeff,
On behalf of The University of Arizona Museum of Art and the UAMA Partners Board we would like to thank you for applying to participate in "Fresh Paint", to be held at the UA Museum of Art on Saturday, November 14, 2009.
Your art is well known to us and as an established artist, UAMA and the UAMA Partners "Fresh Paint" Committee would like to notify you of your acceptance to be included in "Fresh Paint". Your contact information will be listed as you indicated in the event Program and your name will be listed on the Museum "Fresh Paint" webpage.
We look forward to your participation in this new and exciting event showcasing both established and fresh artistic talent. Thank you for your support of the UA Museum of Art.